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About More Natural

Quality and durability. That is what we stand for at Møre.

In a world where new care products are released every day that promise the most spectacular results, we would like to take you back to basics. The basis of clean and organic products without all kinds of added resources so that you can experience the power of nature again.

It is nice if you believe in our products because you see that your skin and hair are better. Nevertheless, we hope that you do not only invest in Møre products for that reason, but also because of the story behind the product. We attach great importance to the origin of our products and are happy to share this with you. Because how nice is it that not only you, but also the maker of the product improves on this? For this reason we are in direct contact with the distributors and we guarantee 100% pure and fair products.

“Quality and durability. For just that little bit of Møre.”

A large part of our range comes from Ghana. Here the oils and butters are made by thousands of women who prepare the products for your use with love and passion. Preparing the products creates many jobs in the poor rural areas of Northern Ghana and gives these women a better quality of life. The rest of our products are also carefully selected and are of perfect quality. Almost all our oils are organic and cold pressed. The oils are 100% pure and perfect for your hair and skin.

Quality and durability. For just that little bit of Møre.

biologische koudgeperste castorolie