Wat veroorzaakt een gevoelige huid en wat kan helpen?

What causes sensitive skin and what could help?

We all know sensitive skin. For some people it is an everyday ailment, others only have to deal with it occasionally. Uncontrollable itching, redness, skin flakes… these are all symptoms of sensitive skin that is out of balance. These symptoms can not only cause physical discomfort, but are also very uncomfortable in public. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then read on to find out what the possible cause may be and which products you can use to care for or prevent sensitive skin.

Possible causes of sensitive skin

It is possible that you have naturally dry and sensitive skin, but the skin can also gradually become more sensitive due to certain circumstances. As a result, the skin does not feel nice and all kinds of discomforts can arise. It is therefore important to use products that have a moisturizing effect, so that your skin can recover. The 100% organic and cold-pressed Jojoba oil, for example, ensures a good moisture balance of your skin.

Our skin is a good indicator of our overall health. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle with, for example, a lot of fatty food, the skin can become sensitive and take on an unhealthy appearance. It is important to eat healthy and exercise enough, but in the meantime the skin can also be cared for with skincare products that are gentle on the skin. Avoid long lists of ingredients as much as possible, and go for mild products such as shea butter. Perfect for dry and rough skin.

Stress is an invisible culprit that can have all kinds of influences on our body. If you have previously suffered from skin conditions such as eczema, there is a chance that this will be made worse by stress. Also, some of us suffer from stress breakouts. As soon as it all gets too much, a few new ones will be added in no time. Here too it is important to cleanse the skin properly. Avocado oil has many beneficial effects on the skin and ensures good cleansing. Dirt residues are effectively removed.

Least obvious, but no less important: underlying (chronic) conditions. Certain diseases, such as celiac disease or chronic inflammatory bowel disease, can manifest in sensitive skin. So if you suffer from this in combination with other discomforts, it is absolutely wise to have this checked by your doctor. In the meantime, it is best to take care of your skin with mild products, which are suitable for sensitive skin. This way you minimize the symptoms and keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Identifying sensitive skin

Regardless of the cause, sensitive skin can often be recognized by the same symptoms. The skin is often red, irritated spots appear and usually it is also accompanied by itching. In some cases, sensitive skin also manifests in dander. But also be vigilant for less noticeable symptoms, such as tight skin or chapped areas. This seems harmless at first sight, but can still be a first sign of sensitive skin.

Preventing sensitive skin

Are you aware of the dangers of sensitive skin and want to prevent it? Then you can be a few steps ahead by using More Natural's make-up and skin care products. First of all, it is important to only use make-up and skincare products that have been specially developed for use on sensitive skin. It is always a nice feeling to know that what you apply to your skin only contains natural, healthy and vegan ingredients.
In addition, make sure you get enough exercise. Don't think too hard about this, you don't have to spend hours in the gym; a 30-minute walk in the open air already has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. More Natural helps you on your way to a healthier version of yourself, with high-quality and sustainable products. This way you never have to feel guilty about the origin of your care products, and you can give your skin the love it deserves with confidence!

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