Biologische arganolie koudgeperst argan oil

Argan oil Skin

Argan oil miracle cure?

Pure argan oil naturally contains many good ingredients that ideally nourish your skin. The omega-3 and -9 fatty acids in argan oil deeply nourish your skin, vitamin E makes the skin supple and, together with the antioxidants in the oil, argan oil prevents skin aging. In addition to good sun protection, it is important to hydrate the skin well and prevent dehydration to prevent skin aging. Now you can drink liters of water, which we especially recommend, but you can also give your skin that extra boost. Argan oil penetrates deep into the skin and forms a protective layer against dehydration. Our argan oil does not leave a greasy layer on the skin, the oil is absorbed very well.

Argan oil skin

Apply pure argan oil to dry skin. Spots that are thinner or dry out more quickly benefit from argan oil. The elbows, the lips, the knees. Regularly spread a little pure argan oil over the skin and the skin will feel soft and nourished. Organic pure argan oil can also be used while showering. Add a few drops of oil to your shower gel, for example. This way you counteract the drying effect of soap. The skin is optimally nourished in a simple way. You can also add a few drops of argan oil to your bath water! The hands and cuticles often have a hard time. You wash your hands several times a day and all those nail polishes on your nails don't do your cuticles much good. Therefore, rub your hands with argan oil to get wonderfully soft hands. We especially like to massage a small drop of argan oil into the cuticles once a week. By nourishing and hydrating your cuticles, your nails grow better and stronger.

Argan oil face

Argan oil is also nice for the face. Argan oil can be used as a moisturizer, as a serum, to boost the skin under your eyes and to remove your make-up. The vitamin E in the argan oil helps reduce and fade fine lines on the face. You also prevent dehydration of the skin. Instead of aggressive make-up removal products, you can also clean your skin with an oil. Argan oil works perfectly for this. You remove your make-up in a very mild, but effective way and your skin is nourished. Handy, with an oil you hardly have to rub, or less, to remove your make-up. This way you don't pull too much on your skin!

Pure argan oil

People often think that the most expensive and exclusive creams and serums work best for your skin. We think very differently about that. Pure products work best! Oil and butters of the best quality, organic and pure. Curious about our argan oil? Click on the link for the product in our webshop.
arganolie biologisch koudgeperst

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