About me & More

Like many other women, I have long struggled with finding the right skin care routine for my skin. I've tried everything: from the trendiest to the most luxurious creams, masks and serums. As a young, busy woman living and working in an urban - and therefore polluted - environment, I noticed that my skin gradually needed more care. Because everything I tried was not a good match for my sensitive, impure and irritated skin, I went back to basics. My reasoning was: if I build my routine from basic ingredients, I burden my sensitive skin as little as possible with unnecessary additives such as fragrances, dyes, parabens, etc. and I learn what does work.

I researched natural oils, clay powders, hydrosols and butters and their effects on the skin. A whole world of how these ingredients work opened up for me. I experienced its effect myself: I finally found a match for my skin. I now use a few drops of jojoba oil daily in combination with rose water every day and a pink clay powder mask every two weeks.

I attach great importance to the origin and quality of my products. I only select the best ingredients, because I want your search for your perfect skincare routine to end with my products.

Do you have a question about which of our products is best for your skin? Feel free to ask me a question!