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The best natural skincare for your skin and the environment

Skincare can no longer just be good for your skin.
We therefore only have products in our range that have a low impact on the environment.
From the packaging to the final product, everything has a low eco footprint.

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A suitable oil for every skin type

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More Natural has honest, natural and effective products. As someone with sensitive skin, I really appreciate that the products do not contain unnecessary additives. My skin looks a lot calmer since using the products. More Natural has earned a permanent place in my skincare routine!

- To your hand,


Very fine products and always neatly packaged and shipped. The rosehip oil is a very fine oil that really benefits the skin, also nice to use with a massage tool. Also great for a gentleman's beard! Definitely recommended!!

- Marion Draaijer


A while ago I was introduced to the natural and pure brand More Natural. What I like so much about More Natural is that the products are made from honest ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals. I use the Jojoba oil and the Bulgarian Rose water spray myself.

- Rachel Jacobs,



Een zachte verzorging voor de tere kinderhuid

Een zachte verzorging voor de tere kinderhuid

Wat zijn natuurlijke oliën? Natuurlijke oliën zijn geconcentreerde vloeistoffen die worden gewonnen uit planten, bloemen, zaden, noten, en vruchten. Deze oliën bevatten de essentie van...

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Bescherm je huid tegen vrieskou met Jojoba olie

Bescherm je huid tegen vrieskou met Jojoba olie

Wanneer de koude wind langs je gezicht striemt en de wereld in een ijzige greep houdt, is er niets belangrijker dan je huid te beschermen....

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Winter - hoe bescherm je jouw huid

Het wordt weer kouder, hoe bescherm je jouw huid?

De winter komt eraan, met zijn schrale wind en bijtende kou. Je stapt buiten en voelt direct hoe de gure wind je wangen prikkelt en...

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10 effectieve toepassingen van rozenbottelolie

10 effectieve toepassingen van rozenbottelolie

De vroege ochtendzon werpt een gouden gloed over het veld, terwijl de wind zachtjes speelt met de delicate bloemblaadjes, zijn het de rozenbottels die een...

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Natuurlijk naar vollere wimpers

Naturally for fuller eyelashes

Imagine a moment when you open your eyes and a gentle breeze makes your eyelashes dance. They feel heavy, thick and unmistakably full. No mascara,...

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Top 5 voordelen van rozenwater voor gezicht

Top 5 Benefits of Rose Water for Face

A bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day is nice, but wouldn't you rather have something that you can really use? What if you turn those...

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Wat is clean beauty? Dit is waarom jij clean beauty producten moet gebruiken.

What is clean beauty? This is why you should use clean beauty products.

Sustainable products, natural products, green products and so on. Everything to maintain the world around us AND ourselves a little better. More fantastic products like...

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Hoe zonnebrand crème je huid vervuilt en hoe More producten je daarbij kunnen helpen

How sunscreen pollutes your skin and how More products can help you with that

It is a given that you have to protect your skin as soon as the sun shines. Don't think that you will tan faster by...

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Hemp seed oil blogpost

The 10 benefits of hemp seed oil for acne-prone skin

What exactly is hemp seed oil? The benefits of hemp oil for your skin 1.Hemp seed oil has a moisturizing effect 3.Hemp seed oil for...

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De 7 wonderen van Castorolie

The 7 Wonders of Castor Oil

What is Castor Oil? 1. Castor oil as a cleaning method 2. Anti-aging castor oil 3. Castor oil as hydration 4. Castor oil for shiny...

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Zwarte komijnzaad olie more Natural biologische komijnzaadolie

This is how to use black cumin seed oil for sensitive skin

Many people have to deal with pressure and stress in everyday life. This can have a negative impact on the skin and body. Partly for...

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Wat veroorzaakt een gevoelige huid en wat kan helpen?

What causes sensitive skin and what can help?

We all know sensitive skin. For some people it is an everyday ailment, others only have to deal with it occasionally. Uncontrollable itching, red spots,...

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