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The 10 benefits of hemp seed oil for acne-prone skin

Always looking for a miracle cure for your sensitive skin? Then hemp seed oil is a step in the right direction. Did you know that hemp seed oil can soothe acne? So if you want to upgrade your skin care routine and give your sensitive skin some more love, quickly read these 10 benefits of hemp seed oil.

What exactly is hemp seed oil?

As you might expect, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. A hemp plant and a cannabis plant are two different things, so let's not confuse them. Because the seeds of the hemp plant are cold-pressed, a wonderful oil is created. Cold pressing means that the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. This is very important, because at higher temperatures the important properties of the seeds can break down and lose their effectiveness.

If you want to buy hemp seed oil for your skin, it does not contain THC. Don't worry!. The oil is dark in color and has a nutty scent. Hemp seed oil is extremely well balanced, because it contains the right ratio of fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins. A few of these pearls are, for example, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Omega 3 and Omega 6. Want to know what all these properties can help your acne-prone skin with? You can read that below.

The benefits of hemp oil for your skin

1. Hemp seed oil has a moisturizing effect

Hemp seed oil is perfect for dry skin types. This is because it prevents moisture loss. Ever heard of linolenic acid? Well, these and a number of other essential fatty acids make hemp seed oil suitable for skin. Not only the fatty acids, but also various vitamins come into play. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right? Your skin absorbs the oil easily and this keeps it nourished and firm for a long time.

 2.Hemp seed oil can help with acne

Acne sometimes has a major impact on your life. It comes with many annoying properties like irritation, redness and so on. Fortunately, hemp seed oil can provide relief from acne. To recover, the skin must continuously produce new cells. This is exactly what hemp oil is good for. This oil is known for promoting the growth of new skin cells and therefore has a restorative effect.

3. Hemp seed oil for different skin types

You can also make good use of hemp seed oil if you have oily or impure skin. It is a widely applicable tool. Even though it doesn't sound very appealing to apply an oil to skin that is already oily in itself, it really does have an effect. This is because it is a dry oil. It is well absorbed by the skin surface and does not remain on the outer layer of the skin.

4. Sebum regulating effect

Acne-prone or dry skin is often accompanied by increased sebum production. This increased sebum production is also in many cases the instigator of that oh-so-annoying acne skin. Hemp oil is good for regulating this sebum production. This allows you to build a nice and healthy balance.

5. Hemp oil for skin has an anti-inflammatory effect

Not only the butter for our sandwiches is known for its Omega-3 fatty acids, but also hemp seed oil. Combine this with Omega-6 and you already have a nice power potion. You can especially use this power potion if you suffer from irritated skin. Hemp seed oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps soothe the skin.

6. Hemp oil good for hair

Why only use this product for your skin when hemp oil can also help your hair? Just like castor oil, hemp is very good for your hair and even eyelashes. With a few drops of this natural oil you can care for both the hair ends and the scalp. Hemp seed oil hydrates the hair, gives it a nice shine and can provide stronger hair. Do you have dry and frizzy hair, or do you suffer from flakes or dandruff? Then hemp seed oil will soon be your favorite hair oil.

7. The oil is non-comedogenic

Be careful! Difficult word: non-comedogenic. Long story short, this has everything to do with your pores. Comedones are mainly clogged pores in the form of blackheads or pimples. Acne-prone skin is therefore a fan of products that are non-comedogenic, including our beloved hemp seed oil. This oil does not clog your pores and is therefore a lot friendlier to your skin, unlike acne products with all kinds of chemicals.

8. Restores the skin after sun exposure

No matter how nice and how beautiful a tan can be, excessive sun exposure is still just as bad for you. Melanin is released during the formation of your summer tan. This is what determines your pigment. With the help of linolenic acid in hemp seed oil you can control melanin production and thus repair the skin damaged by UV. It can provide relief from red or burned skin. Hemp seed oil can block UV rays and has an SPF 6. This makes it perfect for use as a basic protective layer under your sunscreen.

9. Hemp oil good for anti-aging

We all really have to believe in it; become older. As they say, age comes with flaws, but unfortunately these flaws are also visible on your skin. You can reduce wrinkles with a nice layer of hemp seed oil on your face. Stress and fatigue also have an impact on the age of your skin. If you want to prevent or correct fine lines, hemp seed oil is your new anti-aging skincare product.

10. Hemp seed oil can reduce skin conditions

Not only acne but also psoriasis, eczema and rosacea are annoying skin conditions that many people suffer from. Your skin, which is already so terribly sensitive, can really use the magical benefits of hemp oil. Again due to the healing effect of Omega-3 and 6. These skin conditions also involve redness, itching and irritation. Hemp seed oil not only has an anti-inflammatory and skin renewing effect, but also relieves pain.


How to use hemp seed oil for acne prone skin?

If you want to buy hemp seed oil, you can be sure that it will last you a long time. You only need a few drops of this facial product. This means you have immediately found a sustainable alternative to your old moisturizer or anti-aging cream. Gently massage the oil into the skin and incorporate it into your skin care routine. You will notice the effects of this natural wonder drug in no time.

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