De 7 wonderen van Castorolie

The 7 Wonders of Castor Oil

If you were not yet familiar with Castor oil, it is good that you came to this blog. Castor oil offers countless benefits for skin, hair, face, eyelashes and even pain! Read more about the 7 benefits of Castor oil.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil, also known as castor oil or castor oil, is extracted from the beans of the castor tree. This tree is so called because it grows very quickly. We explain the reason why castor oil is known as a miracle oil in 7 benefits, or rather miracles.

1. Castor oil as a cleaning method

With an average cleaning product you can often remove a lot of dirt (think of all the exhaust fumes) from your face all day long. However, sometimes your skin could use a little more cleansing. With the help of Castor oil you can apply a cleaning method called 'the oil cleansing method'. The oil cleansing method attracts grease and dirt and thus reduces sebum production. This method not only cleanses your skin, but can also be used as a make-up remover. Depending on your skin type, you can mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Castor oil with 1 to 2 teaspoons of Jojoba oil or Argan oil. Rub the oil over the face with your fingers for two minutes. Then remove the excess oil with a damp, warm, soft cloth. Then apply a moisturizer or a few drops of oil again.

2. Anti-aging castor oil

You cannot prevent the aging of your skin, but you can take care of your skin in such a way that the fine lines and signs of aging are as visible as possible. With Castor oil you can give your skin a fresh and young appearance again. Castor oil has a low molecular mass, which means that, unlike other care products, the oil penetrates deep into the inner layer of your skin. The antioxidants in castor oil stop cell damage and therefore the aging process.

3. Castor oil as hydration

We will continue with the benefits for your skin. Especially in the cold winter season, your skin can use all the help it can get in hydrating. Castor oil is also excellent for that! For example, you can also use the oil cleansing method for this. Castor oil not only helps hydrate your face, but also your scalp. If you notice that you regularly suffer from flakes due to dryness or cold, then Castor oil is definitely recommended.

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4. Castor oil for shiny and soft hair

Different weather conditions damage your hair or dry it out. The ends of the hair in particular are known to break off easily. You can prevent this with Castor oil. This miracle oil helps make your hair shiny and soft again. You can incorporate castor oil into a self-care moment and make a homemade hair mask.

Start by massaging the oil into the scalp. This way you stimulate blood circulation and the ricinoleic acid in castor oil is absorbed into your skin. Then spread the rest of your oil over your hair and let it sit for at least an hour. Rinse the castor oil well with shampoo. This way you not only ensure a healthy and well-groomed scalp, but you also stimulate hair growth.

5. Castor oil for beautiful curls

If you are blessed with beautiful curls, you also know that good care is a profession in itself. Castor oil also knows how to handle that. For people with frizzy or dry hair, we recommend using castor oil. Frizzy and dry hair are known to break easily. Castor oil forms a protective layer around the hair. This leads to the encapsulation of moisture in the hair, which prevents breakage.

6. Castor oil for strong eyelashes and full eyebrows

Improve eyelashes with castor oil? Eyelashes protect your eyes against the smallest dirt and are therefore very important to take good care of. You may have some brittle eyelashes. Castor oil not only applies a protective layer to your eyelashes, but is absorbed into the deeper cell layers of your hair. Because the eyelashes absorb all the oil, they also immediately look thicker. Castor oil also ensures that the eyelashes are less likely to be pulled out by, for example, a mascara brush because of the protective layer.

The same applies to eyebrows: because the oil also penetrates the hairs of your eyebrows, they appear fuller. And that's exactly the effect we want for our eyebrows, right?

7. Castor oil as relaxation

In any case, we have now listed enough benefits of Castor oil for appearance. However, real beauty comes from within and this miracle oil can also be used for that. You may want healthier hair and more beautiful skin, but if you have a lot of stress, it will show on the outside. For example, you can use Castor oil as a bath oil or massage oil. Not only does this immediately make your skin supple and soft, it also helps to loosen the muscles.

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