Wat is clean beauty? Dit is waarom jij clean beauty producten moet gebruiken.

What is clean beauty? This is why you should use clean beauty products.

Sustainable products, natural products, green products and so on. Everything to maintain the world around us AND ourselves a little better. More fantastic products like this are coming onto the market at breakneck speed and that's a good thing. It is therefore possible that you have already come across the term clean beauty . What exactly is clean beauty? What are the benefits of clean beauty?

What do we mean by clean beauty?

To put everything in order and avoid confusion, we must clarify what the difference is with clean beauty and all the above types. On the one hand it is the same as sustainable, green and much more, but on the other hand it is not. The thing is, clean beauty products are made as pure as possible. Which means that the use of harmful substances has been minimized, but it is also not always completely natural. There are also 100% natural beauty products that may contain harmful ingredients, but we will go into more detail about this in a moment. Clean beauty products are formulated in such a way that they do not harm the environment, nor do they harm our skin. Best of/for both worlds!

What are the benefits of clean beauty?

There are skincare products that are full of harmful ingredients, while as a layman you may not even realize it. Difficult names, strange abbreviations, it's so vague that you often think “it will all work out”. I just want to have a quick word with you about that. HELLO!! You want to know what you're putting on your face, right? Your skin and health are precious and you should always take care of them with love! So time for a lesson. Fortunately, we can list a number of harmful substances for you, so that you know what to avoid. You will never encounter these culprits in clean beauty products.


Parabens are chemical substances. Doesn't sound very attractive to incorporate into your skincare routine, does it? In most cases, parabens are used as a preservative, which gives the skincare products a longer shelf life. For example, they inhibit the growth of fungi or bacteria. There are many doubts about the harmfulness of parabens, but they are suspected of disrupting the hormone balance. And when in doubt.precisely! More products are also paraben-free, such as our Castor oil.


Another abbreviation that doesn't make you much wiser. The full name is also not very easy, namely Sodium lauryl sulphate. Especially with sensitive skin, you should stay far away from these ingredients. SLS is known to really irritate your home. It removes dirt and grease, but for this reason it is also used as detergent or shower gel. One of the advantages of clean beauty products is that they do not contain harmful and irritating SLS.


What is often used as a cheap filler and actually has a useless effect, other than being harmful to the environment and our skin, is microplastic. Can you picture it already? Tiny pieces of plastic in your day cream? No thank you! Microplastic can be hidden in your body scrub, which gives it that scrubbing effect. As soon as you rinse off the scrub while showering and the plastic particles end up in the sewer, they cannot be filtered. It is harmful not only to us, but also to the environment and animals.


How do you recognize clean beauty products?

Clean beauty products do not have a clear stamp that you can recognize them by. In any case, you know that it contains as little nonsense, aka harmful substances as possible. If you see a laundry list of ingredients whose names you can't pronounce or that start with methyl, ethyl, etc., you know you should be wary. Clean beauty is often packaged in organic packaging such as paper. Disposable materials are of course not done.


With More products we try to make it a little easier for you. In this way we indicate which substances we do NOT contain in our products. For example, you can see in a store that a product does not contain harmful substances such as silicones, PEGs and SLS. Just look at our sustainable hemp seed oil, argan oil, Jojoba oil or rosehip oil. A perfect example of clean beauty!


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