Top 5 voordelen van rozenwater voor gezicht

Top 5 Benefits of Rose Water for Face

A bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day is nice, but wouldn't you rather have something that you can really use? What if you turn those roses into rose water? You may not have heard of it yet, but organic rose water has many benefits for our face and hair. What exactly is rose water and what are the benefits of rose water for your skin? You can read that in this blog.

What exactly is rosewater?

You don't have to be very smart to figure out what rose water is, but you might find it interesting to look into it a little deeper. Rose water does not just happen. All the good properties of rose petals are extracted from the roses through steam distillation. If you add this to water you will basically see no difference. You can smell it! That is why this rose scent is often used as a perfume.

There are several countries where roses grow. This also applies to the Netherlands and Mexico, for example. Each type of rose has a different scent and properties, so you will not find them all in rose water. The Rosa Damascena is often used in rose water and comes from Bulgaria. Have you seen our 100% organic Bulgarian rose water yet?

What is rose water good for?  

Apart from the wonderful scent that comes from rose water, it also has many benefits for both your face and your hair. When buying rose water, of course, choose an organic version and rose water without alcohol. Is rose water good for your skin? Can rose water improve hair? Or can you use rose water as a facial cleanser? You can read about it in these top 5 benefits of rose water.

1. Rose water good for face

There are all kinds of benefits of rose water for your skin. Perhaps too many to mention, so we have collected the best. For example, rose water has a healing effect in the case of wounds or acne. It also ensures that your skin becomes less irritated. This is due, for example, to the presence of vitamin A in the rose leaves. The antioxidants in rose water protect our skin cells. Furthermore, it has a moisturizing effect and prevents pimples and blackheads.

2. Works anti-aging

Even if you don't have wrinkles yet, you can't start skin care to combat anti-aging soon enough. You didn't know that rose water also has an anti-aging effect, did you? By using rose water, wrinkles are visibly reduced and you can also prevent the formation of age spots. Vitamin C in rose water produces collagen and this ensures that your skin cells continue to renew constantly. We always want to look new, right?

3. Has a calming effect

The scent of rose water may be very nice, but what is even nicer is that it has a calming effect. It not only soothes red skin, but the scent also has a calming effect on our brain. For example, it can reduce anxious feelings and even counteract headache complaints.

4. Rose water facial cleansing

By using rose water you can easily remove makeup residue from your face. It is therefore a perfect facial cleanser. Soak your cotton pads, preferably reusable ones, in rose water and you will have a clean face again in no time. It contains no strange chemical ingredients and is therefore mild and safe to use as a cleaning water.

5. Use rose water for your hair

This wonderful water is not only good for your skin, but you can also use rose water for hair. It has a nourishing effect on your hair and is also ideal for use against dandruff. And now let's be honest, HOW nice is it when your hair smells like roses? All in all, a product with so many advantages that you should not miss in your skin and hair care routine!

Another product that you may be familiar with, but did not know oil is made from is rosehip oil, or rosehip oil. This one is also very good for your hair and also eyelashes.

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